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Welcome to the Chanmyay Satipatthana Vihara. The meaning of "Chanmyay" is peacefulness. "Satipatthana" means mindfulness constantly focused on the body, and mind. "Vihara" means (Buddhist) monastery.

Our Theravada Buddhist practice follows the Mahasi Tradition. In a small Village in Myanmar (formerly Burma), a temple had an unusually large drum. When the monks played the drum, the villagers came to the temple to hear the Buddha's Teachings. The temple was named after this large drum, Mahasi. The Abbot of this temple was Mahasi Sayadaw. Sayadaw is the Myanmar word for Teacher Monk. His teaching methods are taught and practiced today by meditators (yogis) in numerous countries, as well as our Association Members and the participants in our Meditation programs.

Chanmyay Meditation Center

The main Center of our Teacher, the Chanmyay Meditation Center, is located in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. The Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw Ashin Janakabhivamsa, our Teacher, is the Abbot of this Center from which he is also named. The Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw's meditation teacher was the Great Mahasi Sayadaw.

There are now approximately 6 centers in Myanmar. In response to requests by yogis, The Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw has sent his disciples and experienced meditation teachers to other countries in order to spread Buddha’s teachings. There are centers in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Newzealand, South Africa and the United States.

Our Location

The Vihara (Residence) is located on a beautiful piece of property (6.5 acres) with many shady trees in a grassy meadow and has a peaceful and quiet atmosphere [525 N. Bruns Lane, Springfield, IL 62702] . Chanmyay Satipatthana Vihara is located in Springfield, the capital of Illinois, and is approximately 1½ hours by car from St. Louis, Missouri and 3½ hours by car from Chicago, Illinois.

During the visit of The Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw in 2008, several devotees have pooled their resources and bought the adjacent property at 9 Harriet Lane which is located in front of the Vihara and donated it to The Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw. Sayadaw named it as "Santa Vasa Vihara (Vihara meaning Abode)". Santa (in pali) means tranquil, peaceful, pure; Santa Vasa is translated as "a peaceful state".

Our Activities

We will be conducting retreats and special teachings as teachers become available to travel and stay at the Vihara. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to bring The Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw to Springfield most of the years from Myanmar and to practice Vipassana meditation under his direction

All are welcome to join us and benefit from the practice. All that is required are good intentions, adequate motivation, observance of five or eight precepts, and a commitment to follow the instructions of the teacher. There is no requirement to be a Buddhist or to convert to Buddhism in order to participate and benefit from this mindfulness practice.


The teaching is free, however, Chanmyay Satipatthana Vihara is the nonprofit charitable organization and supported by the members and the meditators. Because of the generosity of Meditators and its Members the Chanmyay Vihara can offer the teachings free of charge. We appreciate the donation to cover the cost of utility and food when staying over night at Vihara.

Please contact us if you have any questions, wish to register for an activity. The Vihara can be reached at 217-726-9601. You can also send an email to SVA President, Padetha Tin at president@chanmyayusa.org or Secretary, Elizabeth Myint at secretary@chanmyayusa.org.